Installation Standards and Safety Precautions for Distribution Boxes

1. Switch box shall be distributed by the final sub-distribution box.

2. The power distribution box and switch box must be rainproof and dustproof.

3. When the construction site stops working for more than one hour, the power switch box should be disconnected and locked.

4. power distribution box, switch box should be enough space and channel for two people to work at the same time. Shall not pile up any obstacles to the operation, maintenance items; no shrubs, weeds.

5. Distribution box, switch box should be made of iron plate or high-quality insulating materials, iron plate thickness should be greater than 1.5mm.

6. Into the switch box of the power cord, is strictly prohibited to use the pin connection.

7. All distribution boxes should be marked with its name, purpose, and make the marking of sub-circuit.

8. All distribution box door should be equipped with locks, distribution box and switch box should be in charge of a person.

9. The total distribution box should be located in the area near the power supply. Sub-distribution box should be installed in the electricity equipment or load is relatively concentrated in the area. Distribution box and switch box distance shall not exceed 30 m. Switch box and its control of fixed electrical equipment horizontal distance should not exceed 3m.

10. Distribution boxes, switch boxes should be installed in dry, ventilated and room temperature places; shall not be installed in the role of serious damage to the gas, smoke, vapour, liquid and other harmful media. Shall not be installed in vulnerable to foreign solid impact, strong vibration, liquid splash and heat baking place. Otherwise, special protective treatment.

11. The power distribution system should be set up indoor total distribution box and outdoor sub-distribution box or set up outdoor total distribution box each sub-distribution box, the implementation of graded power distribution.

12. Power distribution box and lighting distribution box should be set up separately, such as combined in the same distribution box, power and lighting lines should be set up separately.

13. Distribution box, switch box work zero line should be connected through the terminal board, and should be separated from the protective zero line terminal board.